Mint Hot Szauce Sundaes: A Recipe of Pure Indulgence

October 2, 2015

Hey cool cats! 

So last night I indulged quite a bit and made a delicious mint sundae with some hot Old School Favorites special "Szauce". Right off the bat I have to say it turned out fantastic! The chocolate Szauce tastes like love, and certainly deserves your vote in the Martha Stewart American Made contest


First, I added a little bit of mint chocolate chip ice cream. The Suzie Q Ice Cream Spade cut through like butter!

Then, me being the chocolate fanatic that I am, layered the special Szauce with the ice cream. I even added a fudge covered thin mint cookie to help stack the layers... but that's just between you an me. ;) 


I continued the gluttonous (but oh so fun!) process of layering mint ice cream, chocolate Szauce, and a thin mint cookie until it was a mountain of a sundae. Then I heated up some of the special Szauce and drizzled it across...


Just putting these pictures up is bringing back sweet, sweet flashbacks.


Lastly, for the truly brave and bold... I topped it off with more thin mint cookies! I highly recommend you share this with someone, but if you've been having a particularly tough week I say enjoy it all to yourself. We all need a little indulgence from time to time.