Bring Some REAL Charm home for the Holidays

December 23, 2015

One thing I absolutely love about the winter holiday season is the warming charm. There's just something special about sweater-wrapped hugs, warm drinks, and the dancing glow of a Christmas tree. 

Suzie Q hopes to carry that warming charm through Christmas and into the New Year.


suzie q vanilla cream timer

(Sophisticated Vanilla Cream.)

The kitchen tools and gadgets shown here are designed to bring quality style and confidence to your home by blending retro aesthetics with modern innovation.

suzie q red and green kitchenware

(Cheery Mint and Apple Red.)

Pulling from the timeless styles and color pallets of Mid-Century America, the stainless-steel and painted wood offers real charm...something the modern kitchen is often lacking.

suzie q seaside blue kitchenware 

(The Seaside Blue you've always wanted.)

Suzie Q wants to cure these monotone modern kitchens of their lack of heart with tools an gadgets that feel right and radiate classic beauty. 

suzie q mint kitchenware

(Gotta love that Mint.)

With a full array of modern-retro colors, Suzie Q has something for every kitchen. Or rather, for every home. 

suzie q timers

(From left to right: Blacktop, Vanilla Cream, Seaside Blue, Mint, and Apple Red)

These aren't your grandmother's tools (although you know she'd adore them), they're better.

A perfect blend of retrolove, warming charm, and modern innovation.