Modern-Retro Revamp: Adding Mid-Century Modern Flair to a Classic Kitchen

October 23, 2015


Everyone wants a perfectly-styled dream house. And for those of you whose dream house includes chic mid-century modern style or accents, this post is for you. You don’t have to be Don Draper to enjoy a clean, modern-retro home. You deserve to get the look you love with just a bit of help from our Ultimate Mid-Century Modern Style Guide. Below you will find mid-century modern solutions for a classic-modern kitchen to help you get your dream look.


The kitchen above (“Apex Cottage White Kitchen” by is one example of a gorgeous modern kitchen. It may even look like yours! This kitchen is a little more on the classic side of things, but it's full of clean lines and nostalgia--making it a perfect candidate for a little modern-retro flair.

To start, let’s swap out the stove with one from Big Chill. Blending classic cabinets with modern-retro appliances will give it a unique breath of air. The neutral (black or white) Big Chill stove will not only stand out from the crowd, but it still holds the charm of days gone by.

Let’s stick with the black retro accents and snag some new Vintage Black storeware from Typhoon. These retro inspired tins, kitchen scales and bread bins will fit the retro-classic vibe of this modern kitchen perfectly.

For the final touch, grab some nifty Blacktop kitchenware from Suzie Q. The quality and charm of these stylish kitchen tools are unmatched. Honestly, you won’t find anything else like it on the market today. Suzie Q’s Blacktop line of kitchenware is great for adding chic flair to classic-inspired kitchens like the one above, as well a more modern kitchens. The Blacktop painted wood looks sharp and feels like natural love.


What are your thoughts? Anything you’d do differently? How would black mid-century modern fit in your kitchen?