The Ultimate Mid-Century Modern Style Guide [FREE ebook & infographic]

October 21, 2015


A definitive guide to modern-retro decor for your living space, kitchen, and more!

Ahhh, Mid-Century Modern style is something I dream about. The clean lines, gorgeous wood, artistic light fixtures, sunburst mirrors, bold art pieces -- it’s modern minimalism blended with artistic expression in the best way! 

Below you'll find a definitive Mid-Century Modern style guide for your kitchen (with infographic!). If you'd like the complete style guide, with household decor and more, you can download the FREE ebook here: "The Ultimate Mid-Century Modern Style Guide"

And, without further ado...



“Retro aesthetics & modern innovation, blended seamlessly.”

Honestly, there’s nothing else on the market like Suzie Q. Her range of modern-retro kitchenware is pure quality and charm. Inspired by the dependable design of the past and a desire to brighten up the modern home, these nifty kitchenwares are certain to make you smile.

Plus, they will match your KitchenAid PERFECTLY!



“The only appliance brand that only makes things for the kitchen.”

You are probably already familiar with KitchenAid. They are, dare I say, THE most known brand for countertop appliances. They started in 1919 and have been the staple in quality, Mid-century Modern products every since. Gorgeous and reliable, they even have coffee brewers now!



“Technology with style.”

A top-tier kitchen appliance company founded in 1948, SMEG’s modern-retro ovens, ranges, dishwashers, and refrigerators are renowned for their design and attention to detail. Their stunning appliances will take center stage in any modern kitchen, and will certainly impress with their bold colors and modern-tech design.



“It all started with a plan to make the refrigerator more stylish.”

Much like Suzie Q’s kitchenware, Big Chill appliances boast a unique retro design with modern functionality--bold colors, clean lines and a bit of chrome mixed with frost-free freezers and energy-star ratings.



“Imagine the beautiful lines and spectacular colors of these ranges in your contemporary, modern or arts-and-crafts kitchen!”

When the Northstar line of large appliances was added to Elmira Stove Works repertoire in 2001, their bold, retro appeal spanned across generations. Sure, there was the nostalgic group, but interestingly enough they also saw a much younger crowd. “Drawn by the trend to reminiscent styling, a younger group of consumers quickly adopted Elmira’s Northstar line as its own answer to throwback “antique” styling.”



“She takes the retro, remixes it, and makes it RAD.”

Chef Emily Ellyn is the Home Economics teacher your dreams. With her quirky persona and trademark cat-eye glasses, you’ll find this Retro Rad Diva cooking up fun and inspiring audiences at food events around the world. If you’re looking for cooking techniques or modern upgrades to retro recipes, Emily Ellyn is your go-to Vintage Vixen!


Mid-Century Menu (RECIPES)

“One crazy mid-century recipe every week.”

Retro Ruth hosts this unique and fun recipe blog. Every week she and her husband try a different wacky recipe from Mid-Century cookbooks. Ever consider ketchup as a quick sundae topping? Or a salad suspended in Jello? This blog is an interesting and humorous look into our retro past.


Typhoon Housewares (HOUSEWARE)

“Created to withstand the rigours of everyday life, and look striking in any kitchen.”

Typhoon has a great vintage inspired line of kitchen products that include nice, simple tins and wooden utensils. Their products are humble, and heartfelt.

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