Another New Vintage Charm Brand? Yes, Modern-Retro Kitchens Are “IN”!

October 26, 2015


Earlier this month I stumbled across an article (which includes the image above) from announcing the unveiling of World Kitchen’s newest brand, Vintage Charm. Inspired by the retro designs of the classic Pyrex bowls from the 1950’s to 1960’s, Vintage Charm puts a modern twist on patterns that evoke feelings of nostalgia.

“We’re all huge fans of the original opal glass products, and the Vintage Charm design language gives us the freedom and liberty to take inspiration from that and push it forward by exploring new design territory. Having that flexibility with this new brand is great,” Michael Scheffki, director of brand marketing, bakeware, for World Kitchen, told INSIDER in an exclusive interview.

This new line, which is said to be targeted towards Millennials, joins an ever growing niche of modern-retro decor. Currently, you can get the Mid-Century Modern kitchen you’ve always dreamed of through the likes of SMEG, Big Chill, Northstar, KitchenAid and Suzie Q.


So why are modern-retro brands blooming? I’m sure it has something to do with AMC’s award-winning hit series Mad Men, but there’s more to it than that. The Mid-Century Modern design/style that erupted in the 1950’s is timeless in it’s use of clean lines and artistic flair. It certainly birthed the more minimalistic modern styles we see today, and now (more than ever) people are reaching back in are retro past for styles to revamp with the current decade’s personality. Have you seen The Ultimate Mid-Century Modern Style Guide (with FREE ebook and infographic included)? Check it out!

Modern-retro represents nostalgia, time tested design, and unique individual styles meant to bring personalized charm into the modern kitchen. And Millennials are craving for ways to express unique yet "authentic" personalities... which means modern-retro is "in".

What are your thoughts? Is modern-retro still making a stand? Is it right for you? Suzie Q wants to know!