"Nice to Meet You, Daddy-O!"

August 10, 2015
Retro. Modern. Colorful. Streamlined. Fun. Nostalgic.

When developing the look and personality of the character of Suzie Q, we were aiming for the lively, glossy confidence of ladies from mid-century ads, but wanted Suzie to have a more genuine, natural ease. We found visual inspiration in the styling of ads, photos, and illustrations of the 1950s - famous actresses, fashion models, and everyday ladies all served as visual influence.

Suzie Q is a fresh face on the kitchenware scene--a classic beauty, sweet and welcoming, with an iconic style from before digital media, or social media, or email, or texting. That's not to say she's outdated. On the contrary, Suzie Q is modern, intelligent and independent at her core. Suzie Q blends retro aesthetics with modern practicality. And to be honest, a well-thought streamlined splash of color would do very well in most modern kitchens

Suzie herself echoes the aesthetic of mid-century fashion and illustrations, but is a contemporary gal. She can be either keeping house for herself as a single lady, or for her family as a mom. Regardless, the domestic arts are one of her primary passions - being a creative homemaker who appreciates vintage design, decor and unique kitchen tools. She takes pride in making meals from scratch, using quality ingredients, adding extra pizzazz to her projects, and entertaining friends and family.

Born from a desire to brighten the modern kitchen with colorful, iconic designs that breathe individuality - she is a creative, sprightly mix of both traditional and modern.